Charity: Mankind’s greatest endeavour

Today I’m going to throw light on one of the important aspects of living. Before that let me illustrate a very short story:

John was returning back from his school amidst freezing cold weather late evening. He was wearing a tight warm blazer and a white woollen cap along with full length socks. His day was bad because he didn’t perform well in his tests and his mind was completely lost in thoughts.
Thoughts of showing marks to his parents and their reaction to it . In between these worries he spotted a boy about 6 years old , wearing a torn t-shirt smeared with filth all around, walking barefoot, selling flowers which hardly anybody bought from him.

John went to him and gave him all of his pocket money that he saved and bought a couple of flowers.

A contented smile tinged upon the face of that little
lad and he said : “Thank You for buying these but you gave me more money than the actual amount”.

“Keep it. Buy some food and take my socks they’re good enough”,said John , giving away his socks.

“Thank you so much .It means a lot to me” , said the boy wearing those large but cosy warm socks. He hugged John tightly and both of them walked away in their path after giving a sweet gesture of smile to each other . Their day got enriched with happiness.

His mom rebuked him for being late and not having his dinner in time. He handled it with ease and said ,” The question of my bread isn’t important but my neighbour’s bread is!” . She was startled and speechless.

He gave 1 of those flower to his mother , and kept one on his desk , watching it fading away with time. He realized that life is just like a flower which withers away till death and decay but it’s all about those little moments which makes life worth living.

The story itself shows how giving nurture love,empathy and contentment which further leads to transformation of lives.When you give without expectations (sometimes it’s not easy but certainly doable), Nature will bless you without reservations. When you don’t hold back, it won’t hold back either.

The more good you are the more lives you will touch. And the more you touch more lives (or touch a few lives more), the greater the number of beautiful memories in your consciousness. As it is said ” It is nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice!”

When you are good, you not only build a stronger bond with others but you also make a deeper connection with yourself. And in doing so you enter into the finest relationship. Wonder what that is? The most gratifying relationship is the relationship with peace. Which, I may add, is not possible without a lifelong subscription to goodness.

Next time just notice the sky soon after it has rained. The beautiful blue sky empty of all clouds, ever serene and washed with unearthly newness. That’s what a good heart is like; carrying no traces of defeating and negative emotions towards yourself or others, it’s tranquil in its own splendor.

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”

~Rabindranath Tagore

Be good, be gentle and always be willing to help!

Peace ☮️

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